Advocate Seminar 2012

We’d like to welcome you to our blog. We say “ours”, but really it’s yours. We’re here to help you share your stories to inspire others, provide valuable information and helpful tips. In fact, we’d even like to have you name the blog.

Do you have a name suggestion? Submit your idea in the comments section below. The comment that includes the name that receives the most “likes” will become the name of the blog. Have topics you’d like us to cover or a post you would like to share? Let us know here, on Facebook or onTwitter. We’re always open to post ideas and hosting guest bloggers.

About Oticon Medical

At Oticon Medical more than a century of experience in audiology and sound processing is being combined with decades of pioneering experience in hearing implant technology. Our connection to Oticon gives us unique access to knowledge, resources and technology. It also empowers us to bring progress to bone anchored hearing systems.

Based in the ‘capital’ of bone anchored implants
Sweden’s city of Gothenburg is the ‘capital’ of bone anchored implants, and home to Oticon Medical. Here, many decades of experience in the field of bone anchored hearing systems are being put to excellent use – not only by members of our development team but also by support specialists operating both here and elsewhere in the world.

People First
Oticon Medical’s “People First” philosophy is a direct heritage from Oticon. It reminds us that every product we create – from sound processors and surgical components to fitting, counseling and support tools – should be designed with user needs in mind. We want to empower all users of bone anchored hearing systems to realize their full potential and live life to the full.

Freedom of Choice
We believe that both professionals and users should have the freedom to choose the best hearing solution, and we are committed to making Oticon Medical hearing systems their number one choice – both now and in the future.


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